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Greg Platt


I think that depends. If you feel that the 7th day (which we humans have constructed to be Saturday) is the day to attend church, then by all means please do so in accordance with the urging of the Holy Spirit. For myself this is not the case. Yet I do not begrudge those who choose to worship on saturday.

Where I take issue is the divisive, almost fanatical tone, with which some people pursue Saturday-Worship, as if it is THE key to THE faith. At any rate, I dont know that attending church really equates with hallowing a given day. I think that is a more personal thing.

So yes, I think obeying the sabbath CAN be a sign of loyalty, I think it can also be a sign of disloyalty, if we use it as an obstable or stumbling block before God. So, I think care needs to be taken in that area.

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