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Greg Platt

The thing about love is that we have a whole book written about it. Its called the Bible. Essentially the entire thing is a love story, between God and His people, and later on His church. And in a much greater sense all of His creation.

I mean, we have the Gospel, perhaps the greatest love story ever told. We have Song of Songs, which is frankly a very sexual story. We have the stories of a God who loved enough forgive (see any number of examples in Exodus). I would go so far as to say the Bible is a romance novel…though certainly not what you would find on a supermarket shelf.

And really in light of that, I think picking out the 10 commandments as an example of Gods love is foolish, you are pulling out 10 lines of ONE book of the ENTIRE Bible. And when you do that, I think you to a large extent, miss the entire point.

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