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Greg Platt


I mean, for real. You are not God. You dont know the reason for the Bible. Not that I do. I have my best guess, and you have your best guess. But I think calling out who will or will not inherit eternal life is pretty bold.

You do realize that even under my model you learn from the Bible. Just in a different way. As I look at my “earth” family history I see mistake. My dad, who has trouble being faithful to his spouse(s), but at the same time is utterly faithful to his love for his children. In much the same way, in reading about my family in Christ Jesus, I learn from their success and from their failures.

Which, maybe this is what you mean. I just take issue with the verbage “instruction manual”. It makes the Bible sound…dry and boring, which it isnt. Its vibrant and pulsing with story.

I would urge you though, to worry less about the salvation of other people. God, through Jesus, will determine the ultimate salvation of me, you, and everything else. The tone that you take now, in my opinion, can do much more to alienate, than unite.


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