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WOW, I didn’t think anyone would ever respond to this post, this is an old forum. I’m not trying to incite an argument with you Petsaw, however I want to clear something up a little bit.You said that Jesus is like a genetic copy of the Father, I have to question that comparison, sorry. Jesus is the 2nd member of the trinity- The son, he put himself under subjection to himself- God the Father. He made himself “A little lower then the Angels”-Hebrew 2:5-8 (Psalm 8:4-6) meaning that at one piont in this passage he became a man and limited himself as a man in the flesh.(Whith exception to his Miracles and his authority over Saten) To say that Jesus is like a genetic copy of God is to suggest that he is a clone which would make him seperate from God. and i’m assuming petsaw, that is not the intent in which you meant it. I just want to clear that up. There are things of God that we just simply cannot understand, and While it’s important to seek the scriptures and find answers to complex questions, sometimes there are some things, like the trinity, that we have to accept by faith, the kind of faith that is mentioned in Hebrews 11. Petsaw, I’m not critisizing you, I just felt as thought I should clear that up for anyone who ever reads this forum in the future. But I am also glad, because It also challenged me to think about and research the scriptures on this issue.

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