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Chris Medway

amedee (Amedee) You wrote:

Do you realize that the idea of the Trinty was literally “placed” by men into the Bible 300 years after the New Testament was written?

Well actually the ‘doctrine’ of The Trinity has never been ‘placed’ in the Bible by men or anyone else. The Bible itself was not fixed and the books we now call ‘The Bible’, ‘canonized’ and selected from among the many holy writings that were in use at that time by The Early Church, until 382 CE.

There are many passages of ‘canonized’ scripture which seem to be contradictory and are pretty well irreconcilable unless:

Jesus is,( somehow we don’t fully understand), GOD.

The Holy Spirit is,( somehow we don’t fully understand) also GOD.

And God, (who is and always has been ‘Spirit and whom ‘no one has seen except the Son’, is,( also in some way we do not fully understand), the same GOD as Jesus and the Holy Spirit are.

Jesus was not praying to ‘himself’ in the garden, he was praying to His Father, who is unlimited by time and space and from whom Jesus came and returned to and from whom Jesus is now no longer to be distinguished from since ALL POWER OF THE FATHER has now been GIVEN TO JESUS.

The fact that Jesus says in scripture that ‘He came from the Father and was returning to the Father probably means that while on earth as a man, Jesus was somehow ‘away from the Father, (physically but not spiritually), but not separate from The Father or different from The Father’. Whatever away meant in real terms, it seems clear that Jesus, in the flesh, communicated with God through prayer and was for a short lifespan not GIVEN ALL POWER but was humbled and became a servant even unto death. We might think of the situation as God “limiting himself in the body of a man, (THE CHRIST), in time and space, (but not in eternity), to fulfil a particular plan HE had purposed to do while nonetheless ‘limited’ and ‘constrained’ by a physical, mortal existence”.

If we have known Jesus then we have known The Father. The Father is the whole Godhead in total, which includes The risen and glorified SON and the Holy Spirit, ‘now present in the world among God’s people’.

They can’t be separated up like apples or bananas, they are Spirit and as Spirit all material things are subject to them, not the other way round. They can’t be analyzed and pidgeon-holed by mere human logic or understanding.

But that God is a complex Spiritual being beyond our understanding is thoroughly confirmed by many scriptures, so why is it that human beings seem so confident that they can work out, using human logic and scripture, exactly WHAT GOD must be?

Either One or Three may not be the reality with God. It might be a false choice, a false dichotomy. Perhaps it is as scripture seems to indicate BOTH ONE and THREE. This of course makes no sense to us but that fact alone should confirm that we might be on the right track since we know for sure that God is utterly beyond OUR understanding.

If you doubt that God is complex and beyond human description try reading Ezekiel Chapter one.

Love Chris.

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