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God you are our healer, you have said that with the stripes of Jesus we are healed, you have said in matthew 8:17 that Jesus took our infirmitis and bore our sicknessess,mattew 10:1 Jesus gave his disciples power to heal all kinds of sicknessess and all kinds of disease and again in Ecclesiastes 3:3 you have said that there is a time to heal- so father we know that you have heard our prayers and we know that your decision is bottomline- you have the final word and your will must come first,

God i want to thankyou because of Christaleen, God i pray for her, let this be a period of strenght for her, i want her to be well,i don want her to suffer but God you have the best plan for her and father i ask that you may help us to be able to know and accept your will in this issue in Jesus name.

God i praise you and i give you all the Glory and honour,thankyou Jesus, i ask from you in Jesus name…amen

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