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May I ask are you a feeling person? Do you show emotions such as anger or happiness? What is it you CHOOSE to believe in? Apparently you CHOOSE not to believe that a person can have a “religious” experience. Do you not have FAITH in your own statements just made? Can you advise as to where both the need and abilility to love comes from? Where comes the source of evil in our world? For the Christian it never has been about religion, but rather a choice to believe in an historical Jesus.

To believe that He is who He says He is. Just as I believe that a light switch turns on the lights, or that a chair will hold me up when I sit in it, so do I have the experience of knowing Christ, the Son of the living God. I believe not only in the “event” of the cross, but in its power to forgive me of my sins. Similarly, I believe in the “event” of the empty tomb and that I am risen with Christ and will live eternally with Him. When you are taught about a historical and proven faith in a Person, then it is an easy step to believe.

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