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Susie A


I don’t have any personal conflicts with you. I really assumed you were a christian, and upon reading your thread, I had the presence of mind to comment on your comment (the one I quoted), about religion.

As for the rest of your thread…not really interested in replying about the other stuff, I’m sorry, but my energy levels are limited today. I’ll let the “brains” answer you.

I did look at your profile Dev, and I get a bit leerie when a person doesn’t help others know who they are, and where they stand–by writing about themselves. Your profile yielded nothing very helpful, not even your stand on christianity… so I opted out of this one… not because I’m a coward, but because I like to know who I’m addressing. I honestly havn’t seen you around, but then, i have had stuff going on the past two months and havn’t been able to devote my heart and time to the website. Take care, and maybe we shall encounter each other in the future.


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