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Hey RTW.

You write:

<<“The important thing to notice is that the foundation for religion rests upon fallacies that don’t make religion true. Any thoughts?”

Likewise I can say,the foundation for being an atheist rest upon fallacies,you cant say for sure that there is no God,because you dont know,and as I stated in my opening, my faith in creation tells me there is a God. >>

All theisms rest upon mythology, legends made to fit prophecies, have creation, resurection, scapegoat myths…so, how is christianity any different from any other religion?

If these “fallacies” are written in a consecrated book of collective oral histories, then what makes them prove the truth of that religion?

Atheism has no book that includes atheist myths, legends, and one would be hard pressed NOT to claim that the universe is expanding after an explosion eons ago, or that evolution has and is changing the creatures that inhabit our planet.

What fallacies does atheism rest upon?

Atheists have no deity belief…so how is that resting upon a fallacy?

It is resting upon….no evidence that deities exist?..upon our senses telling us about material reality?

How can reasoned evidence be a fallacy?


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