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Hello Dev and welcome.

I haven’t been in Gen. Ap. for a bit, staying mostly in Atheist Debate.

You write:

<<Again, as I’ve said in my previous posts, it’s best to consider beliefs based upon their own merit rather than based upon who believes in them. If we can refrain from making assumptions about each other we can focus on our arguments and reasoning rather than our personal conflicts. It makes me glad to find people like you that are more concerned with the intent of Christ’s message than the institutions set up to interpret that message. I really, honestly think that’s a fantastic thing. I hold truth to a higher standard than people and personal beliefs, however, and there are many people that I support and befriend even though I completely disagree with them.>>

There is more than one theist here at Praize who walks the path of Jesus the Christ as an individual believer, and it is, indeed,

refreshing to find those who do.

I find it to be a truer faith when the communion between a person and his/her savior and deity is of such intimacy.

I accept whatever path that is filled with compassion for humanity that is chosen by an individual, even though I may consider their choice to be based upon a self-delusion.

Even my own choice may be based upon my self-delusion…but whatever gets one through life, eh?

Now, to continue perusing this topic.


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