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Susan H

Jesus Christ died on the cross and I did not see him but nor did I see Aristotle…what Aristotle taught was handed down through books and historical information….what Christ taught was also handed down through the Bible and historical information. Jesus Christ taught of our heavenly father, our creator.

Aristotle wrote on logic, metaphysics, natural science, ethics, politics; principal shaper of western rationalism.

I read Jesus’s writings in the Bible regarding our Creator, our Heavenly father.

I choose to read and believe what is in the Bible, just as you choose to read and believe what you want.

I have my documentation in writing by several different men throughout the history of the world. Real live men. Men that documented historical events that happened at the time, that you or no one else can refute because they did happen.

You may choose to read something and believe it and I may not feel the documentation justifies it, but that does not make it not real.

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