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Greg Platt

Im pulling together multiple posts here:

What do you think? I think that this brief summary can cover about 95% or more of the arguments we see for religion/God/spirits/etc. I was going to add circular arguments but I think that’s covered by the def. of faith as a tautology. The important thing to notice is that the foundation for religion rests upon fallacies that don’t make religion true. Any thoughts?

Congrats, you have successfully proven that belief requires faith. Im sure there will be numerous attempts at proof, however in my experience most forms of proof are individulistic, and as we have likely not experienced them ourselves, we are also required to accept those experiences based upon faith.

I cannot tell if you are trying to assert that because most religions are based upon fallacies, it implies that they are not true. THis could also be a misread on my part. I do think reaching that conclusion would be a mistake.

A. Acknowledge my points are valid and that certainty in your belief isn’t justified

B. Refute my points with solid evidence and reasoning

C. Insult me and dodge the issue by posting irrelevant information

I think you step on dangerous ground here. First of all, anytime you provide only 3 (or 4 or even 20) choices, you run the risk of forcing someone into a choice. Your option A takes a choice a person can make “Acknowledging that your points are valid”, such as I have done above, and forces them to draw a conclusion “certainly in belief isnt justified”.

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