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One more point I’d like to add, to be more explicit. Faith exists when reason and evidence fail. Once again, defining faith using one of Webster’s definitions :

(1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof

Now, if God appeared in the sky we wouldn’t need to have faith because we would have reason and evidence. As it stands, we need faith to believe in religion because reason and evidence are lacking. Faith, as a tautology, is not a valid or certain route to knowledge and truth because it can justify anything. You can have faith in a purple unicorn orbiting Mars and call that unicorn God, and tell me that I have to have faith to believe in it because it’s actually invisible and undetectable. Without any firm evidence, because the invisible purple Unicorn is set up in such a way as to provide no firm evidence, we find that we need faith to believe in such a concept and the concept is, therefore, a tautology. Please address my points.

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