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That faith then would be that there has to be a creator,because of the simple fact that there cannot be creation without one.So I ask could you disprove my faith?

Certainly an effect must have a cause. A creation must have a creator. The issue at hand is whether that creator is God or could be the result of physical forces. The existence of a creative force does not necessarily mean that Yahweh is that creative force. We can’t say either way because as I’ve already said, faith is a tautology, which leads me to my next point…

Likewise I can say,the foundation for being an atheist rest upon fallacies.

What does this have to do with anything? If both positions – theism and atheism – are flawed then we can be agnostic on the issue.

my faith in creation tells me there is a God.

Faith implies a lack of reasoning and evidence. Faith is a tautology. I don’t care what you believe because we’re discussing belief as an entity that should stand on its own merits.

Please address my points. Flaws in one position can be recognized without having a better alternative. We found flaws in Newtonian physics long before we had better theories. An alcoholic may not have a better alternative to their lifestyle because they haven’t learned to cope with certain factors in their life, but by denying their flaws they subject themselves to a cycle of abuse that’s impossible to break free from. The first step is to be honest and then to see where we can go from there. If all available routes are flawed then we need to work to find one that isn’t.

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