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Susie A

Okay, first, I never heard the word–tautology. I don’t want to split hairs about what faith is, all I know is, I called on the Lord and He answered me.

“Appeals to emotion?” Don’t know what youre talking about, or what you want to know.

>>””If God doesn’t exist, where do we get our moral values from?”

All I know is, I didn’t have ANY until I met Christ…I wouldn’t have known a “moral” if it sneaked up on me and bit me.

>>”If God doesn’t exist, chaos will reign”

If God didn’t exist…I’d be dead! And that’s a fact. Wouldn’t that be terrible? Another mixed up woman gone from the planet?…lol Orniter, I don’t know what you want.

>>”Arguments from ignorance – “We can’t explain consciousness/evolution/what happened before the big bang, therefore God did it”

Okie dokie, orniter. Where are you going with this, son?

>>”What do you think? I think that this brief summary can cover about 95% or more of the arguments we see for religion/God/spirits/etc”

oriter? What is it–you’re trying to say? What’s your stand? You are listing things that seem to have no real provocative destination. Can you simplify your intent and argument?

>>” The important thing to notice is that the foundation for religion rests upon fallacies that don’t make religion true. Any thoughts?”

This is the part I comprehennd. Religion sucks. Jesus spoke against it, and I can see why. What is your stand? What do you want to hear or know?

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