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Believe it or not folks this person has major truth in what they say! I’m 17 and I’ve never had a boyfriend in my LIFE…it was something I had struggled with for a while cuz I thought I wasnt’ good enough for one or something, BUT after about a week of HARD prayer and telling God I truly will just give it all up to ^HIM^ and let Him take care of it all and that I know that He’ll bring a guy into my life when it is the right time! Well, after that week of hard prayer I had a MAJOR sense of peace in me about the whole boyfriend thing! God filled that ‘hole’ I thought I had and made me feel so whole! About a few days later after having this peace about it all a friend of mine told me he was interested in me more then friends! It’s been great ever since then, you’ve just got to believe that God can handle it all AFTER ALL WHO COULD HANDLE IT BETTER? NO ONE! God Bless I hope this helps some of you young boys and girls that think they HAVE to have a boyfriend/girlfriend….because most of the time Jesus is the ultimate boyfriend/girlfriend you could ever need until that special someone comes along!

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