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Lord, please be with this man and comfort him. Bring to him a peace that passes understanding. We know, Father, that it is Your will that we live abundantly and that You want to bless us with the desires of our hearts. Father, we know that there is free will and that sometimes that will is misguided under influences that are not of You. Intervene here, Lord, and remove any obstacles in this relationship that are not of You. If there are lessons to be learned, help them to know this and make it clear. This man has come to fellow believers for agreement and support. I ask, Lord, that you move in a mighty way in this relationship and please do it with no further delay. We know that to You, time is but a fleeting thing. For us, every second of our lives is precious and cannot be wasted dealing with the interference of the powers of darkness that consistently attack to steal from Your lambs. I ask that those dark powers be bound, right now, in the name of Jesus, and cast away from this relationship. That You cover this couple, and their relationship, in the blood of Jesus and create whatever circumstances are necessary for Your will to be done in their lives. We thank You for Your love and forgiveness of our sins and weaknesses and we pray that You will strengthen us in our faith and trust in You. Please, bring hope in abundance to this man. Let him know, without any doubt, what Your will is for him and help him to walk that path without hesitation, without fear, and in all confidence in himself and in You. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

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