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Diane Barnes

Thank you Nearnorth…what I was going to say. I have a photo of this red heifer. Will upload asap.

Yes, Orthodox Jews have not recognized or accepted the true Messiah, they are awaiting anxiously his appearance. The temple will be rebuilt. When it is, they will have recognized the anti-christ as the messiah. For three and a half years, they will be allowed to sacrafice in their temple. When he sets up a statue of himself in the temple, known as the “abomination of desolation”,(standeth where it ought not)and stops them from sacraficing, then they will suredly know, he is not the Christ, but the anti-christ…This is one of the last things Jesus told His disciples would happen…when they asked Him…”when shall these things be?” It is in all four gospels.

Was just looking at photos of the cornerstone, unhewn by metal, that was dedicated for the rebuilding. They are very gung-ho to rebuild, except they have this problem with ‘squatters’. They’re trusting God to change the circumstances, and He will…we know that will happen….but sounds like the making of WW3.

Also research the age of the Gentiles and when that ends. We are there. Things are happening.

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