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Diane Barnes

Hi Kingskid, I am thrilled too. Very exciting seeing something like this too. When my mother last went to Israel, she saw on Israeli tv film footage of the ‘cornerstone’ being dedicated. That is something awesome too…especially in light of the present structure that is on that piece of ‘real estate’…coming soon..a REAL Estate. Should be interesting, for lack of a better word.

Also, did you hear the only place of the old temple left standing…the Western Wall…is miraculously weeping? It is in the middle of the wall. A face can be seen near the seepage and recently another face has appeared…a woman’s face and she is to the right of the first face and somewhat behind…like she is ‘following’…seepage is not coming from grout…rest of the wall is bone dry…wow. Very exciting stuff. Will try to fetch the link and post here.

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize!!

Your welcome and blessing to you to brother!


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