Home Forums Re: [RdrCofE] Terry Jones – Pastor or false Prophet?

Jim Campbell

How many do you suppose have been burned at stakes for making their uncompromised stand for Jesus beginning with the apostles? Fathers put their families at risk, refusing to deny Jesus! Would you follow their path? If you knew you would face certain death next week, would you go ahead and show up tomorrow at a public gathering honoring Christ, knowing you are being recorded as “one of them”? No answer is expected. I just wanted to toss that in. Jones will forever, himself and his church members, be a likely target of reprisal when least watched for, not in some foreign mission, but here in the USA!

Apart from taking a death sentence for one’s commitment to Christ and His word, what made Jone’s actions evil? Are the foreign “aid” workers operating while denying Christ, possibly opening themselves up to Satan over their own fears of exposing their faith? No answer expected. In my opinion the past centuries of missionary record indicates God still protects many disciples of Christ who are taking a strong stand for Jesus in the face of hostility. I personally know that, having hosted foreign missionaries out of my home, assisting to find a financial base. Yes, some are persecuted unto death as befitting a true disciple. How many take Jesus’ name by default, knowing little to nothing about Him? No answer is possible, as we won’t know until each one presents before the Lord at Judgment.


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