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Jim Campbell

I love and prefer the KJV you quoted from, having filled my memory with the way it words the scriptures, enjoying its poetic flow. However, I also am aware of the changes in meaning of many words that should be sorted by use of lexicons and other tools for greatest accuracy. Words have been added (usually in italics) intended to help the flow, but now can mask the true transliteration/interpretation) That isn’t the problem I am addressing in these last two posts.

My complaint is lifting one verse out of an entire context to make a doctrine, especially one that isn’t supported elsewhere in the Bible. Out of Psalms 150 you used the last verse to include all animals in praise, while the other verses could only apply to the abilities of people. Now you are making the common mistake of lifting one statement from Job while Job was spewing error both sides of that verse. He was answering Zophar who saif Job weas suffering because he was reaping what he sowed. Job disagreed, but came back with equal error saying in verse [#00bf00]Job 12:6 The tabernacles of robbers prosper, and they that provoke God are secure; into whose hand God bringeth abundantly. [/#00bf00]That is not what God would do. Job made his case that God would not spare him suffering any more than He will protect a worm from being eaten by a bird. Suffering is natural. Just ask the animals. Ask the zebra why it is run down by the lion. Where was God? Why didn’t God save the zebras from being eaten? Job is saying to Zolphar he was suffering for the same lack of help from God.
Two verses below your quote is another huge error from Job in [#00bf00]Job 12:9 Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this? [/#00bf00]

God didn’t bring those sufferings upon Job. Satan did once God let that hedge down. Later on God chastises Job over that. So you find verses 7-8 to be sound advice? I don’t. It is obvious the Word records failures of people for our learning.
It isn’t that there isn’t truth in a verse such as you used, but that truth is easily twisted into error when not in it’s proper place of context. I realize that a doctrine of quasi evolution such as you believe in hopes some animals have a spiritual connection with God, but it just isn’t so. We can certainly learn about God from observing nature, but nature will not do the devotions meant for people.

None of that whatsoever has anything to do with praising God. Take Psalms 150 as entirely meant for people to read and heed, not chimps or salmon.

Blessings to all seekers of the Truth (Jesus)

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