Home Forums Re: [rdrcofe] Evolutionary Chance?

Jim Campbell

God has let His inspired word remain recorded as man having been a special creation of God in very specific terms not fitting the modern evolution theory. The word “theory” is falsely applied. It is a concept based on many assumptions. No person has scientifically observed evolution. The sheer volume of fossil record ought to have abundantly proved most if not all intermediate changes in a logical order and fitting the geologic timescale. It fails concerning all species. The only way evolutionists can “prove” evolution is through talented artists who can add necessary body parts.

The persistence of DNA alone ought to cast shame over evolution. Consider what happens when one minimal change happens to one chain! For chance to have effected one efficient increase in viable genetic information would require billions of Earth duplicates and trillions of years of success v. failure to have occurred, far beyond any comprehensible statistical measure.

Blessings, Jim

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