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Hello Jaime, and welcome to atheist debate.

<< 1 If you do not believe in God, how do you sum up all that we call creation and the way that it came to form so perfectly?>>

Nothing about the universe or our planet or our human body or any other living creature is perfect. It just is. There are other planets in other solar systems which may support some sort of life, and I doubt that planet or life is perfect either.

<<2Are you willing to bet your life on it, and did you ever wonder what happens if you are wrong? >>

Are you willing to bet your life that you are choosing the correct creator deity? At least I am honestly stating that I do not think any creator deities exist. You are choosing only one out of thousands…what if you are wrong?

<<3And…science has been able to name the smallest particle and figure out how all of matter works together, but they have never been able to figure out where that smallest particle which makes up all of the others came from in the first place? Does this mean anythign to you? >>

Science isn’t there yet….no doubt smaller particles exist, and they still don’t know exactly how all matter works together or even what all matter consists of. But matter has been and will always be. No it doesn’t worry me that humans may never find out from whence came the condensed matter that started it all?

Do you worry about where God came from?

<<4Do you believe in spiritual science at all? Like that our hearts are really run by something other than our brains making us separate beings with intelligence and ability to feel all different emotions, and where do you suppose that the precepts for morals and emotions came from in the first place? and how would this fit in with the first question about how we and the rest of everything came to be? >>

Never heard of “spiritual science”. Our hearts are really run by something other than our brain???? You must be referring to the “sense of me” that is provided by our central nervous system, but that is all biological/chemical/electrical…not spiritual.

Morals/ethics come from the need for humanity to live in harmony instead of chaos (see that topic). Emotions are chemical reactions within our physical body.

We, humans, evolved from initial life, that is, single celled organisms…but that is a long, long, long story.

<<5And if you do believe in a spirit at all assuming that possibly you believe in yoga or anything else, where do you suppose that spirit came from and how is it that the body and spirit managed to intertwine to work together?>>

There is no spirit or soul, there is only matter.

<<Just curious. BY my own answers to these questions I cannot not believe in God, so I was wondering what it is about others belieg systems that allows them not to believe in God. >>

Curiousity is good! I have no belief system, I am an atheist. I have come to this conclusion because no evidence ever given to me has been able to persuade me that any supernatural entities or realms exist.

I you, for a moment, simply pretend not to believe in God, then you could answer these questions as I have. I just stopped pretending a long time ago, and found that I have all the answers I need.


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