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Ken is critical of George …

“Concerning your synopsis of Jeanne; you never cease to amaze me. (not a compliment)”

I appreciate your criticism. I’m not pleased with that particular post either. I almost took it down.

However, Jeanne has responded and this time I more appreciate her arguments. I can understand them. I recognize her honesty. They make a certain sense to me.

Jeanne writes …

“… my church was as full of hypocrites … nothing ever “touched” me from the supernatural realm was the most persuasive concept that lead me to my final reasoning about supernatural entities. …

Hyocrisy merely started my move away from organized realigion, but not from being a spiritual person …, although I moved back and forth between christian belief and a generic deist belief.”

This is what I’m trying to get to, Jeanne. You saw hypocracy and God didn’t deliver. From those beginnings you developed a reasoning that God isn’t. You have proceeded with your life in good form and set aside those grievances and now reason your Atheist choice by only insisting that God isn’t.

When you were nine year old you asked, “Who made God?”

I have an answer, Jeanne: “God was an evolutionary accident. He just happened.”

That doesn’t work for me and it probably wouldn’t work for a nine-year old child but it should work for you now. That is the Atheist explanation for everything that is. Is there any reasoning that says God couldn’t have been made the same way?

Does it work? Probably not but that’s because Atheist arguments for reasons that God isn’t aren’t any better in the eyes of believers than Christian arguments are of why and who God is, is in the eyes of Atheists. What really fouls it up is when debaters on either viewpoint manufacture, misread and manipulate evidence from which to reason and thereby justify their view.

Another debating technique when answers are unavailable, difficult or unconvincing is to manipulate phrasing, flip the coin so to speak, to pose the same question to the questioner. That requires no reasoning at all.

I’m more convinced than ever that Atheism is a religion and it appears that the only way to avoid being a occasional hypocrit is to never have an opinion.

George H. Birkett

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