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No worries, George. I am a big girl.

You write as if explaining me:

<< This is what I’m trying to get to, Jeanne. You saw hypocracy and God didn’t deliver. From those beginnings you developed a reasoning that God isn’t. You have proceeded with your life in good form and set aside those grievances and now reason your Atheist choice by only insisting that God isn’t. >>

Yes…. Is there evidence of the supernatural? Not persuasive for me, apparently.

<<I have an answer, Jeanne: “God was an evolutionary accident. He just happened.”

That doesn’t work for me and it probably wouldn’t work for a nine-year old child but it should work for you now. That is the Atheist explanation for everything that is. Is there any reasoning that says God couldn’t have been made the same way? >>

The reason it doesn’t work is because God is a supernatural entity, and I think only material entities exist. Evolution involves matter, not spiritual stuff. God is spiritual stuff.

I cannot sense supernatural stuff like believers can. Has another sense which belongs to humans been discovered and proved to exist? That could explain why some humans believe in the supernatural, but until science proves the existance of such a sense, I won’t buy that it exists.

<<Another debating technique when answers are unavailable, difficult or unconvincing is to manipulate phrasing, flip the coin so to speak, to pose the same question to the questioner. That requires no reasoning at all.>>

No, George, what non-believers want from this is some sort of reasoning from believers that believers want from them.

It only accentuates the difficulty of finding answers by throwing the question back to the other court.

<<I’m more convinced than ever that Atheism is a religion and it appears that the only way to avoid being a occasional hypocrit is to never have an opinion.>>

I don’t follow you here. The very definition of religion discounts that atheism is one. I don’t know what you mean by your further statement.

I suppose you would also call me a hypocrite for insisting that I have no belief system???

Give me a hug, George.


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