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1 If you do not believe in God, how do you sum up all that we call creation and the way that it came to form so perfectly?

1)”Creation”(what I simply refer to as ‘existence’) is not perfect and cannot be. How could you even establish such a criteria? WHat otehr reality did you observe adn measure THIS ‘creation’ against to determine this one was “perfect”? What are the criteria for “perfection”? How many planets adn stars exist in a “perfect” universe?

2Are you willing to bet your life on it, and did you ever wonder what happens if you are wrong?

Pascal’s Wager again?

What you mean to ask is “Are we willing to bet our potential afterlives on it?”. To me the concept of an afterlife is so nonsensical that I cannot give it any credence or likelihood of being true. It is not a matter of “betting” anything. I could theoretically “bet” on a bottlecap I tossed off a building landing on another bottlecap on the ground of the exact same type/brand. Highly unlikely but not impossible.

Afterlife concepts are more like square shaped circles. They are logically impossible by definition.

But if you are betting on the Christian God, rather than Allah, Loki, Vishnu, the Snozzwoggler, Raven Spirit, The Great Beasts, or any other of the thousands of deities then you better hope you are right! You have a 1 in several thousand chance! Not very good odds eh? ANd if it turns out that Allah is the right deity then you are up a creek without a paddle!

3And…science has been able to name the smallest particle and figure out how all of matter works together, but they have never been able to figure out where that smallest particle which makes up all of the others came from in the first place? Does this mean anythign to you?

This is wrong on all counts. There is no “smallest” unit of matter. Physics tells us the infinite regression is the nature of the universe. No matter how small a unit of matter or an event is, it can always be broken down into yet smaller bits. No matter how old our universe is, it is only a subset of an infinite system.

We know this because there can be no existence of “nothingness”. That is nonsensical. And existence itself requires time as a component by definition(go ahead and try defining an existent entity not bound by linear time).

4Do you believe in spiritual science at all? Like that our hearts are really run by something other than our brains making us separate beings with intelligence and ability to feel all different emotions, and where do you suppose that the precepts for morals and emotions came from in the first place? and how would this fit in with the first question about how we and the rest of everything came to be?

None of that makes the least bit of sense to me. I have no idea what a “spirit” might actually be, aside from a nebulous concept tossed around by theists. And I have no idea what place it may have in science.

5And if you do believe in a spirit at all assuming that possibly you believe in yoga or anything else, where do you suppose that spirit came from and how is it that the body and spirit managed to intertwine to work together?

Don’t believe in anything supernatural. Supernatural entities are perpetually imaginary things.

Just curious. BY my own answers to these questions I cannot not believe in God, so I was wondering what it is about others belieg systems that allows them not to believe in God.

Imagine for a second a fantastic concept which you do NOT currently believe in…say Santa Claus or some other god like Zeus. Ask yourself why you do not believe this(and try to avoid dogmatic answers like “Because my Bible tells me so.”). Pretend you were starting from a clean slate adn someone walked up to you and told you of Zeus or Santa. Why would you not assent to their claims?

If you can understand why you do not believe in such things then you can understand why I do not believe in ANY gods, including yours. The difference between you and I is that I apply the same standards to Yahweh/God as I do to Zeus or Leprachauns. If they all lack substantiation then I discount them all. I do not arbitrarily choose one and say “I will believe that!”.

I could not do so if I wanted to because belief is not a choice one can make.

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