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Are you willing to bet your life that you are choosing the correct creator deity? At least I am honestly stating that I do not think any creator deities exist. You are choosing only one out of thousands…wh at if you are wrong?

What do you mean by *thousands of God’s”? I am aware of several different ways to describe God (ultimate divine being) by this deffinition there can only BE one God,just different religious traditions.

But matter has been and will always be.

Yeah? and you know this how?

Do you worry about where God came from?

The Christian Theistic God is decribed as being non-material (outside of space) and eternal (outside of time) so the laws of casuality do not apply,so no we don’t worry about it.

There is no spirit or soul, there is only matter.

And you kow this how? Regardless the spirit/soul is just a religious term for MIND,do you believe there are no minds?

I have no belief system, I am an atheist. I have come to this conclusion because no evidence ever given to me has been able to persuade me that any supernatural entities or realms exist.

I was curious how you use the term SUPERNATURAL. So obviously you are an evidentialist? *noone should hold a belief without evidence at any time* <is that what you believe?

I you, for a moment, simply pretend not to believe in God, then you could answer these questions as I have. I just stopped pretending a long time ago, and found that I have all the answers I need.

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