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Jeanne writes …

“… by saying that atheism requires no compliance, I meant to any atheistic dogma or rules ….. Religions require compliance to theistic dogma or rules.

Atheistic conscience or theistic conscience are to me one in the same…human conscience. Either you have one, or you don’t.

This brief and spontaneous effort of what a deity/creator should be is absolutely not to be taken as a serious effort of an atheist thinking for other atheists. …”

Not a one of us can speak for all of any group. That’s a given. But I’m getting the impression that for Atheists there are no rules and that would make conscience more difficult to come by. Are we “physically hard wired” for conscience and for some of us are the wires crossed? OR is conscience a learned attitude. If it is a where do we learn it from?

Jeanne continues …

“The God of Abraham is the major deity of the world’s largests religions, none of which I find worth what humanity puts into them. I think humanity would be much better off without any deity based religions, especially monotheism.”

You disagree with the human perception of God described in the Old Testament. Me too. Your response is that God isn’t. My response is that our human perception of this God of Abraham is mistaken. My Bible studies have revealed to me how our perception of God has changed through the ages. I’m not totally convinced that we now have it right but I do think we’re getting closer. I think the time we (humanity) has invested in learning who God is and what He hopes for us is well spent. It has helped us, mistakes and all, to write our human history.

Jeanne continues …

“…you are speaking of the human psyche, while I am speaking of the human body. … What are all those extra parts, and why do they misfunction causing ER runs in the middle of the night? … Let’s improve on the eyes, please? As much water as we have all around us..how about facilitating features? How come we can’t have opposable big toes, and teeth that renew themselves? And that fragile spinal column has got to go!”

Yes, I do speak of the human psyche, and the human aware, and intellect, our ability to reason and to make judgements, and conscience, and choice. These are human attributes unique to an otherwise other kind of animal. Would you prefer that we were just another kind of animal? What could we accomplish for a better world for future generations if we were merely another kind of animal?

Jeanne continues …

“But maybe it has just been only humanity all along that has done this. I hope for a time when generations do not have to pass before we get it ‘perfect.'”

And if it were perfect we would have no need for aware and intellect et al. We would just exist like any of the other animals.

Jeanne continues …

“The cosmic game of which I speak is what you believe God is. It is that “game” which God supposedly has played with humans, that I question as being pointless.”

Is it also pointless that humans have aware, intellect, reasonin ability, judgement, choioce, et al? Would it be more point-ful if we were merely another critter?

Jeanne continues …

“Still, whether atheist or theist, one can hope for the best for humanity. But theists have a concept of another power that controls our destiny, and an ending time for the “game” if one believes certain aspects of the word of God. To me, that makes it pointless, and it is only through atheistic thought that humanity’s struggle has a point.”

Yes, theist have a concept that acknowledges a greater power that could but has chosen NOT TO control our destiny and not to dictate our choices. We are priviledged to participate in our environment and struggling towards a better future of humanity. Meanwhile, you suggest that we can do a better job than God. Then you suggest that IF God is, God would have done better if He had not allowed us to participate. One part of our participating is questioning whether or not and who God is and what He hopes for us and all the other parts of His creation.

Bottom line, I think God is a really nifty guy.


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