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Hello Mtnsvy…sure would be nice to know a little bit about you.

You write:

<<Briefly, I don’t believe Jeanne can make a claim that ‘God doesn’t exist’, but I will understand that she doesn’t believe in “God”, and understand her claims as merely a definition. The easy scientific answer to her claim that no God exists, is to quickly point, (with all respect), “Jeanne, do you know everything?” No one can answer this question honestly with a positive response. So the next question I would ask is, “Do you think it’s POSSIBLE that God exists in the part you don’t know?” >>

I can make the claim that God does not exist because I have been provided with no evidence to the contrary. Supernatural entities are not made up of the stuff that makes the rest of the universe, or they would be natural entities. If they were natural entities, then they would be able to be “known” through human senses. I do not have to know everything to know that entities and realms that do not meet scientific standards for being, do not exist in the material world.

Is it possible that supernatural stuff exists in a form that defies human knowledge?….yes. Is it probable that such supernatural stuff exists?….no. If it is not probable that it exists, and if I have no knowledge of it beyond my senses, then those who believe MUST have some sense which I do not have, and IF they can provide worthy evidence about that sense and which persuades me to suspect that such supernatural stuff exists, then I would consider it.

<<My scientific proof is from an experiment called ‘my life’. Take it for what you will. >>

I am very considerate of your struggles with depression, as mental illness runs rampant through my family, especially my sister is plagued by it.

But what you offer as scientific proof is just annecdotal evidence. It means something to you, but it means little to me, except that you had a life altering experience. Annecdotal evidence is not admissable when attempting to prove that God exists.

<<Secondly, as history has proven, I CAN NOT be the best there is. There has to be something bigger than me. I don’t think this requires any explanation. I’ll bet you agree with me without my having to give you any evidence.>>

Humans are the top dog on earth, for better or worse, it is we who determine how everything will go with our planet and its inhabitants. The only thing that I accept as bigger than any one human, it the total of humanity. Beyond that, it is the universe, but no creator/deity.

<<Man and his free will helped to create the mess we see today.>>

There is no such thing as free will; it is an necessary illusion for the good of our psyche.

<<My understanding of the Earth, civilization, etc. leads me to believe that once, ‘a long time ago’ (not in a galaxy far away), it was created perfectly, and has been getting worse and worse.>>

Nope, the earth is the same as it ever was, and if humans totally foul our nest to our own extinction, the earth will continue, will revive, will generate new life.

<<I don’t know how much Atheists but faith in the Bible, but that’s exactly what it says.

Also, one last thing, since I brought up faith. I’ll get both of these things from the Bible, also. >>

The bible is just words. Unfortunately, humans are still dying over words in books. No, atheists don’t place any faith in holy writs or the legends from them. It is all mythology to us.

<<If one combines the ideas in these verses, one gets, ‘It is by accepting things that cannot be proven that one gets into Heaven.”>>

Why would anyone accept something or anything that cannot be proven? Do you use that concept for your day to day living?

Do you accept on faith that the traffic will stop at the red light, or do you wait to make sure before you cross the road?

I want the stopped cars to prove to me that their drivers are stopping for the red light, before I cross.

<<Again, my PROOF, is only what I’ve experienced in my own life. Just as I can’t tell you how your dinner tasted last night, neither can you explain the One I believe in. But, just as I can’t tell you that because I didn’t taste your dinner, PROVES that you didn’t eat it, neither can you PROVE that my God doesn’t exist. >>

Again…that is annecdotal proof. You are correct, you cannot prove to me that your deity exists just because you believe he does. And it is okay that you believe. Delusional beliefs that are beneficial to the individual or group I consider to be benign. You may even consider my lack of belief to be delusional, if you choose…it doesn’t matter to me. Whatever gets you through life, right?

As an atheist, I enjoy debating, but more importantly I find the need to promote ethical atheism as an alternative to deity belief. As long as humanity can accept that other believers deities are just as real to them, and that atheists can be ethical citizens of the world…hey I am happy.

But it doesn’t work that way. Words kill, words wound, words belittle, words betray, words enslave….the words of deities cause humans to doubt their shared humanity. And that is the tragedy.


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