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Hmmm. thanks everyone for telling me where they stand. I’m sure my beliefs are as mind boggling to you as yours are mostly to me.

I too believe that all animals hold personality and spirit also. See although the emotions are triggered by chemical reations, there has to be something feeding the chemical reactions in the first place.

Spiritual science is the study of the human aura. The colored vibrational energetic fields located around any one thing. Everything from a rock to a human to an incarnate spirit and discarnate spirit has an energy vibration. Just like radio waves but slightly different. These are the vibrations that sensitives normally pick up on and the place that intuition comes from. Every object of matter has a different vibration depending on the level of life and light energy within it. A rock is solid matter and has a very solid slow moving energy vibrations(or light particle movement). People have e medium to very very fast moving energy. Fastness does not mean everything in a human or animal though. Sickness and mental disturbance can be sensed by reading the light and energy patterns around and within a person. Our spirits are made up of energy centers made up of all colors of the rainbow. All of the things which we engage in on a daily basis including colors which we surround ourselves with to the mood of people in our environment can stick to or otherwise influence our own energy levels. It is a very complicated thing.And while many people see physical ailments,and physical defecs, I often see the spiritual cause of them. many things like borken bones are physical, but a lot of diseases and disorders can actually be cause by emotional/mental disorders of any kind even something as small as lack of self confidence and low self esteem can help lead to the onset of diabetes. So if it can be proven that the spirit can and does cause things to happen in the natural through spiritual means, then this is further proof that deity and spirit does exist and does have an effect on everything that we know to be true in many ways that we do not understand.

I know these things from former study.I find it myself not best to mess with these things purposely and as a christian I leave them up to the guidance of God. These energy centers can go out of whack very easily if you know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be good. I know a lot of things from having studied various religions including the sciences of the spiritual realm. Which can be seen if one is open to seeing them. If you’re not chances are slim to nil that you will, unless of course the thing willing to show itself to you is more willing for you to see it than you are willing to block it out. God himself, the christian God will never force himself on you this way. It is a free will choice.

Also Jeanne, I have researched different pantheons of quite a few religions. I find Jesus Christ to be True. Bhudda was kind of cool too… with cool sayings and such, and Iris and I got along…Gaia was pretty awesome I could go on. But Jesus is the only one that rose from the dead. And after praying to many divine choices. This is not an opinion I am forcing on anyone. But my relationship with Christ is very fulfilling. He is more to me than any of those others could be all together. When I worshipped the other gods I felt empty inside although I had all this cool stuff and I was able to heal people through energy movement and I was a telepath, and an empath, and I could feel the energy vibrations of everything I came in contact with. in the end. I felt like just another no one with some really cool abilities and absolutely no purposes or absolutes on exactly what this thing called life is. Not to mention I saw a friend get demonically possessed by a discarnate being with a major evil voice and it turned his blue eyes as black as coal….but that is a completely different thread.

So to sum it up…on my end….the same way you have only seen things in the physical world which convince you that there must be nothing more. I have seen things in the spiritual world since I was a small child and others have seen them also, spoken with them, I have been through way too much and seen way too much to ever not believe in God. And I still have not seen it all. But I am sure that God has given me all that I can handle at the current time.

Also, our limited mindsets set an idea of perfection that does not exist. Being that there are both good and evil and correct and incorrect. There is always a choice. Always a system of checks and balances, always a balance.

I have heard some say that this is black and white thinking and that the idea of a correct way of thinking is incorrect. But at this point the other person in the argument has only shown me that their beleifs are on the opposite end of the spectrum and that they do indeed believe in correctness, only in the opposite way they view my view of correctness incorrect which means that they do believe that there is a right way and a wrong way which disproves their own theory that all just is and there is not right and wrong. Only that they may judge what is right and wrong and that I may not.hmmm….

I’m very interested to hear more…. if anyone else is interested in responding. Again these are my opinions from everything that I have seen and know to be true.

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