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Hello Holly and welcome.

Well, I have an encyclopedia of deities which includes 2500 gods and goddesses….so…take your pick. Of course not all are credited with being a creator deity, but there are plenty of them to choose from, too.

<< “But matter has been and will always be.”

Yeah? and you know this how?>>

How do you suppose? Maybe from science. Certainly there is proof that matter has existed eternally, as we can almost see to the big bang, and we know matter is still around, albeit changing, and we can estimate the span of the cosmos in time and space.

<<“Do you worry about where God came from?”

The Christian Theistic God is decribed as being non-material (outside of space) and eternal (outside of time) so the laws of casuality do not apply,so no we don’t worry about it.>>

Then God cannot be known by humans. You should worry about this.

If there is a first cause, I choose matter over non-matter that cannot be known.

<<“There is no spirit or soul, there is only matter.”

And you kow this how? Regardless the spirit/soul is just a religious term for MIND,do you believe there are no minds?>>

Do you have proof of an entity such as the “soul?” It is not a religious term for mind. I KNOW there is a brain, and that is what creates our “sense of me” …all physical workings which cease with the death of the physical brain/body.

I am a deterministic atheist. Most atheists do not think that anything supernatural exists.

I am not sure what answer you are looking for from me.


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