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Hey George…

<<No rules or compliance? Does Atheism advocate Anarchy? No contrition? Does that mean no conscience? >>

Atheism is not government. Atheism is ONLY the lack of a belief in a deity. Codes of behavior, law, community standards are not religions either, but they place rules for theists and atheists…general rules about societal conduct.

Do you understand the difference?

<<I also noticed that many Liberals identified with Atheism or causes that have been identified with Atheism, something of a contradiction.>>

If that were so, then it would be possible for a candidate to declare his/her atheism…..but that won’t happen. Even the Democratic liberals have been jumping on the religion bandwagon since 9/11..have you noticed? They certainly do not want to be sided with atheists.

Separation of church and state is the only cause I can think of right now that might fit an atheist identity…but republicans and theists also might agree with that particular identity.

<<However, as I read your words describing the accomplishments of men while denying God I do see a vulnerability to accepting human and very mortal deity. >>

George, I appreciate your opinion of my attempt to live an honorable life. I can ONLY describe the accomplishments of humanity, as there is no other sentient being..yet/or that we know of..that accomplishes much that benefits its own species, or destroys its own species.

If it is mortal, then it is no deity.

<<Maybe I am. A lot depends upon WHO we think God is and WHAT we think God hopes for us. >>

There is the problem with deity beliefs.

<<I’m struggling for ways to phrase this question for a non-believer. If you, as a people, were to design one god with domain over all humanity, what would be good attributes for that god (WHO?) and what would that god hope for both humanity and all of creation (WHAT?)>>

We..atheists…are NOT “a people”..we could not agree on much, because we are all very different people. I can tell you this much, we would not design a deity such as the God of Abraham.

Let us suppose that there is a deity/creator that reveals itself to all of humanity (including atheists) and all of humanity finds it worthy of worship:

If earth was created for humans, then this deity would have created a human friendly planet.

If humans were the most beloved of all creations, then humans would be designed in all ways to be snafu free.

If an afterlife existed and such a thing as souls went there when the body wore out….no, this makes no sense. Souls should be recycled after a heavenly vacation, memory swipe and visit with recently deceased loved ones.

Recycled souls do not require punishment…stupid concept. Instead move straight to the memory swipe, do some retraining during vacation.

Lets have the deity get rid of really bad illnesses and diseases..life is hard enough.

Will bad stuff still happen? Yes, but if we are all on the same page, we will hopefully be able to eliminate human evil.

This deity would strive from the beginning to promote happiness and eliminate suffering…and would expect no less from its creations.

But what still is the point of this cosmic game? Why should there be a deity?

<<I suppose the next question would be, “why are men able to accomplish hopes for future than an real or imagined deity?”>>

Not clear on your question..could you rephrase it, George?



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