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Jeanne appealed …

“Give me a hug, George.”

Ohh-kay, Jeanne. Here’s a big hug. While I embrace you I tap my fingertips on your shoulder and whisper these words: “Everyone makes mistakes. I once made a mistake.”

In reply to the closing comment of my last post:

“I’m more convinced than ever that Atheism is a religion and it appears that the only way to avoid being a occasional hypocrite is to never have an opinion.”

Jean responded …

“I don’t follow you here. The very definition of religion discounts that atheism is one. I don’t know what you mean by your further statement.”

It IS my opinion that Atheism is a religion. In almost all my posts I capitalize Atheism the same as I capitalize Christianity. I know you don’t see it that way but after all, it is MY opinion. I base my opinion on the ways that I see Athiests approach and present their views. Y’see, I don’t think that religion necessarily demands deity. I also consider Liberalism a religion, one that craves human deities. Bill Clinton was their deity for awhile. He thoroughly enjoyed that role. They wanted to make John Kerry into their deity. John Kerry wanted that role. He thought being a Viet Nam War hero would help. Fortunately for us it didn’t work out that way.

Now we get to the part that escaped you, the part about avoiding hypocrisy. If either you or I have an opinion, or a belief, or a non-belief, and I take a stand on it and speak or write on it, and others disagree, me or us are placed under a lens of criticism that aspires to expose hypocrisy. They will find an opportunity and manipulate it if they must to accuse — hypocrisy. The only way we can avoid it is to never take a stand, never have an opinion. It might be truth and justified but truth doesn’t matter. It’s the nature of the accusation.

My point: Are you willing to forsake all your opinions to avoid the accusation of hypocrisy? I’m not.

The way I see it Jeanne is that you are an Athiest (that’s the religion part) because you saw hypocrisy and God didn’t deliver. You are an Adeist because you don’t believe in supernatural events and things and God would necessarily be a supernatural thing. But that does not eliminate you from one day choosing to accept a human deity. Every now and then I read in your the potential that you could do that.

I’m not much on supernatural either, Jeanne. When it comes to the parting of the Red Sea I’m mucho skeptical. After all, it’s only a story in the good book. But when it comes to the design and starting up all of creation, using evolution and all, that was a supernatural event that defined what after that would and would not be supernatural.

I do believe in miracles. I don’t attribute them to angels. I often wonder if God had a hand in it.

I was an angel once. At least that’s what someone said I was. She was a total stranger who wrote to me a few weeks after the event. I can’t explain why I did what I did. It seemed like the right thing to do. It happened and it helped. It was a desperate time for her. Also, many years earlier I had some life experience that equipped me. Is it possible that Angels don’t necessarily need to be supernatural? I wonder still if God had a hand in it.

Yeah, I believe in miracles. I’ve experienced several of them. For me at least, God delivered. But I never expected Him to.

George H. Birkett

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