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I feel that this is a big problem with many churches today. When you try to attract young people, you get some, but the old saying is quality not quanity. A church in my town devoted a lot of time trying to atract young memebers. None of these young memeber really care about God, all they care about is socializing. With a smaller group of people, you can touch them deeper, and more personally.

I went to the church that was obsessed with memebers once. I wanted to learn more about the Christian God, so I asked questions. Those questions remained answered, for the pastor was too busy stuffing marshmallows in his mouth and trying to say “puffy poodle” or something. It was all a very pathetic sight.

So if yo do atract new teens, that’s not neseccarily a bad thing. But don’t make the same mistake thousands of of youth groups are making. Understanding God comes before stuffing marshmallows in your mouth.

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