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I have some information on the most common form of birth control-“the pill.” I highly suggest that all women investigate all means of birth control before starting to take the medication. I know that I was never informed of the effects of the birth control pill or how it prevented pregnancy. I was shocked to investigate the medication and find out what it actually does to the body.

There are very few women who are aware of how the pill works. The common birth control pill prevents pregnancy in 4 ways- 1. they prevent ovulation, 2. thicken cervical mucus (preventing sperm from reaching the egg), 3. slows the action in the fallopian tubes, and 4. causes the lining of the uterus to be thinner and less favorable for implantation.

Women who take the pill CAN release an egg into the fallopian tube. It is also possible with the pill for that egg to be fertilized by a man’s sperm. The fertilized egg is then miscarried due to the changes in the uterus (a thin uterine lining cannot nourish a growing zygote). This is a VERY common effect of the birth control pills. Some studies have shown that over 5% of women have a “pill baby” miscarriage in the first year of use of the pill.

Also, everyone seems to differentiate between the “pill” and the morning after pill. From a medical standpoint, these two medications are the same. The only difference is that the morning after pill is a birth control pill taken in a higher dosage. It basically takes the same action on the growing zygote that the birth control pill would’ve taken the night before.

Whether women use the birth control pill or not is a matter of personal choice between her and her husband. God does say that everything is permissible. However, we must all decide at what moment a human life begins. If we believe that a human life begins at the exact moment that sperm reaches the egg, then the birth control pill does have the possibility of destroying it.

After finding out all the information regarding birth control, a Christian couple must consult what they believe God desires for them and their family.

Note that I have ONLY included medical information about the birth control pill. There is also a wealth of information on other forms of birth control that is not commonly known, along with further Biblical information that must be considered.

As far as condoms go, they can prevent pregnancy without discontinuing it. But there are other considerations as well, such as effectiveness and convenience. There are also completely non-invasive methods of birth control that can be effective such as the lunar method and withdrawl, although no method can be AS effective as the birth control pill.

Hope this helps!

In His Grip,


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