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Interesting question. What will exactly attract young people? I’ve got many friends who told me that they get sick of attending youth meetings because they still feel an emptiness inside.

The youth group that I currently attend is attended by many from different churches, ranging from charismatic to baptists to catholics. The reason so many from different churches come is well, God was there.

What we do every week is the same, and very simple. Praise and Worship, sermon, and ministry time. We never got tired of it, because God seems to do wonders each time. He has visited us numerous times, and people fall under the power of God during minitry time, sometimes the river of God swept and people laughed, sometimes they weep, some shook under the anointing, etc. Angels were often heard and seen, somketimes even the lord appeared. But jmost of all, lives were changed, hearts were healed, emptiness were filled, and people come for more.

We don’t need another thing. In fact, our youth pastor once asked us just to see our response, if we will want to have other programmes such as bible studies, games, fellowship etc on a Saturday night..to which we objected in such unity. It’s not that those things are wrong (we do have fellowship and bible studies and leadership trainings on other times, often), but we can’t substitute the presence of God with another thing. Coz when God visits, that settles everything.

And that is what attracts people. When God is present, everything comes together with Him. People feel loved and accepted, and they enjoyed the fellowship even though we have little games and all and we dont seem to have done much to welcome visitors. Needs were met. Lives changed. People continued coming because they had met with God here.

And that is all young people need. Activities will bore us out after a while. What we want is something real; we want God. No activities are needed to attract teens.

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