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I think i have read one other prophecy by this Raymond fellow.

I am sure of it but maybe on another forum.I still would like to know who he is and what his prophecies contain.I dont see a lot of prophesizing going on even though the Holy Spirit is promised to guide us.(this i assume would Be through prophecy,as well as other means.)

Possibly this is false prophecy,but even so it is refreshing to see at least one person who believes he can do so on a world wide forum, and in spite of the penalties that person may face from the Lord for falsely prophesying still do so.

Of course there is a test for prophecy.And this is where it would be well to know more about the person who is uttering this

these sentences.If they are from God,then there should be transparancy in recieving more knowledge about Him.And if there are other utterances older and their tone,and content.We all know what the test is.I for one am willing to keep an open mind and wait the fullfillment before passing judgement on it….

Merely asking for more info,i remain your brother in Christ bert

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