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Matt Myers

The feminist viewpoint, could arguably be at the core of what is wrong with our society today. When we look at what the Bible has to say on topics and ignore it, we are going in the wrong direction. There is no doubt about it.

I believe women should have the same rights as men. I believe women are just as important as men, that is not the point I am trying to make at all. I believe women have a role in the world, and women have left that role. And now society is forcing women to leave that role.

When we look at our society, and we realize that most of my generation was raised in daycare, if there any wonder that we have a distorted world view. My childrens generation will nearly entirely be raied in daycare, void of discipline and love. It has been documented that men spend only 33 seconds per day with their children, in a household where the mother works as well, her time with children is nearly as low.

Our children are being raised loveless, because society tells women, “you have to fulfill your goals”, You need to be working, what about your career”.

What is wrong with raising children who are responsible, successful adults. That to me is just as successful as being a surgeon.

I will never stand behind the feminist movement. It only causes pain and grief for the world. It does not liberate women, it binds them to conform to what uniformitarianism that is the world.

I am proud to say my wife left the workforce to raise our family. She is happier now than she ever has been before. Truth be told, we dont miss the money either.

Grace and Peace to You,

Matt Myers

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