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Amen,lets pray.

Father God in the name of your son Jesus Christ i give you thanks and lift your name on high for who you are and for what you have done and for what you are going to do, you are good and you are precious LORD,there is no God besides you,for you were even before the universe was created King of all Glory,Amen,LORD i lift Terry up to you ,Christ LORD you are the one that saved her, you are the one who knows her better than she knows herself,Christ LORD i lay her at your feet and cover her by your powerful and precious blood, i speak the resurrection power of God in her heart,mind,soul and body, Jesus raise her from that spiritual slamber and give her life, you are the life,LORD all the lies and poison she has been fed i make null and void now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, i bring to exposure all filth fed to her by satan and his demons in Jesus Christ’s name, father i know you will not let go of her,she is yours and heaven is her destiny, LORD thankyou for you will raise her and she will preach the gospel.LORD God i cover her parents who are atheists by the blood of Jesus, LORD i pray that you show them just how much you love them, let them come to know that they have believed in the lie and they need you Jesus, father save this family from the grip and wrath of satan,you alone are God and you reign,father i interceed for kelly too and i cover her by your blood and ask for your protection upon her, LORD God thankyou for all the afflictions you have delivered her from and LORd i ask that you give more and more of your angels to protect her, Jesus she is precious before you and you will not leave her, father i love you and bless you Holy and precious name,thankyou Jesus for all you are doing in her life right now and thankyou for the testimony of victory we will receive from her soon, Jesus Christ you are Holy and i love you,i pray in your wonderful and powerful name..amen

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