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Father GOD ,please help these 2 children to wake up to what is really important,Help them to see that with out faith it is imposable to please you,and that they both need to realize what is trully in there hearts and what they really belive concerning you and how they really feel about each other,JESUS you said you cannot serve 2 masters either you will love the one and hate the other,you also said that you came and brought a sword.to divid.you also said that you would tell us the truth in all matters ,i pray LORD JESUS that you open this christians heart ,eyes and ears ,and show her plainly what the truth is and give her the courage to follow you and stand up to what she belives in,for you have not giving us a SPIRIT of timmid,but of courage and power in you ,..when we obey you..FATHER we tahnk you and give JESUS all the glory for what you are doing in these 2 peoples lives…amen

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