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Marcia D.

Oh Lord, I pray that Kelly will have the right words to say to Terry. Lord, help her to understand that if Terry doesn’t make a strong commitment, it’s just going to continue to be like this b/c of his atheist parents. Lord, I pray that Terry would make this strong commitment he needs to make to trust in the Lord with all his heart and lean not on his own understanding. Lord, I pray that he would see the seriousness in doing God’s will no matter what, even if his parents reject him. Help him to understand what the Bible says about giving things up and that those who obey Christ are his brother, sisters, mothers and fathers. He doesn’t need to stay close to people who are going to hinder his walk with the Lord. He needs to prepare himself for eternity and get right with God. I pray that the truth will set him free indeed and he will be convicted to stand firm in the word. In Jesus name, Amen.


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