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Marcia D.

Dear Father God, We know your word is true. We know that there is nothing that can stand against God’s will. No one is stronger than God. We are on God’s side and we are trusting you, Lord. We want to do your will and stand in the light and be stronger still. Lord, I pray that you would guide Ron every step of the way. He belongs to you Lord and nothing, no one can snatch him out of your hand. We thank you that you are our wonderful shepherd and you died for us as well as Angela and the 2 daughters. Lord, I pray that you would obstruct every wrong path of Angela’s to do her will instead of your will. Cause her to turn her face to the light. Cause her to see her sin and give her the desire to return to her husband if this is what seems good to you now. Let your perfect will be done in this whole situation so that it will all work out for Ron’s good and your glory. Bless the children especially and help them to desire God’s will and to remember to pray. Bring answers to their aching hearts too at this time. I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.


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