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Hey Cheryl, I also agree with my sisters and what i can tell you is that you do talk to your mom, dont be scared !!!! Tell her that her attitude is hurting you, and is making you go nuts!!! I think if you talk to her well and honestly tell her the truth she well hopefully see, and change. Tell her that you respect her as a mom but that you yourself are an adult! And most of all PRAY. Prayer is the Key to everything, give this situation to the Lord. He knows our hearts and he know what we going through , but pray to God for him to deal with this and change your mom and to give you wisdom and words to talk to her for it to be him and not you. Ask God to guide you all the time no matter the situation. He is there for you Cheryl and he loves you for you are his Daughter. Dont worry, cheer up my sis… everything is in Gods hand… leave it to him!!!

~~ Lord I just ask for you to help Cheryl out through this situation. Lord I just ask for you to help heal her heart and give her the strength. Lord you open her moms eyes and help her see she is doing wrong and hurting her own daughter. Lord in your hands is this situation, i just ask for your help towards your daughter. Do you Precious Will…. In your mighty Name Amen…. God bless Cheryl … and seek God…. he is there !!! smile…..

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