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Thank you Marcia for your prayers and committment. I guess I’m going to add to my prayer request. I have been talking around especially here at Praize and and finding that there are many who are doing outreach during this holiday tomorrow. So I request prayer for all of these areas.

Father God, Your gloriousness is there for all to see and partake if they but look. Lord we as Your children wish to take You to the streets and our communities especially during this Halloween holiday. While many do not look at it as a non-Christian holiday, we do know that it began as such and some still use it as that. I ask a hedge of protection around all Christian events that are going on in our world at this time. May satan be stopped in his tracks and those that he has in his grasp be released. May You and You alone Lord reign in the lives of our loved ones, people we meet and Lord especially the children. I bind them all together to You Lord for Your blessing and love and protection. Give wisdom, discernment, strength and stamina to all who are organizing and working these events. Give them the words Lord. May they know that if words do not come to be silent and listen and You will show and tell them what should be. Keep evil ones contained and all safe in Your loving arms. All glory and honor and power is Yours forever! Amen

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