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[#006699]DEATH TOLL RISES TO 436[/#006699]
Entire families wiped out and many still unaccounted for after [b]Typhoon Sendong[/b](international name: [b]Washi[/b]) hit several regions in Mindanao (Southern Philippines). Most of the dead were asleep Friday night as houses were swept into the sea by floodwater. Death toll in the Philippine floods rises to 436.
According to a report by Associated Press, Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Gwen Pang said that 215 died in Cagayan de Oro and 144 in nearby Iligan cities, and the rest in several other southern and central provinces.
“Many of the bodies in parlors were unclaimed, indicating that entire families had perished. The death toll might still rise because there are still a lot of missing people,” Pang said.
Army spokesman Colonel Leopoldo Galon told Reuters that search and rescueoperations would continue along the shorelines in Misamis Oriental and Lanao del Norte provinces.
“I can’t explain how these things happened, entire villages were swept to the sea by flash floods,” Galon told Reuters.
“I have not seen anything like this before. This could be worse than Ondoy,” he said.
Iligan City Mayor Lawrence Cruz said that water rose one meter high in less than an hour and described it as the worst flood in the history of the city.
“The floodwaters were waist-high in some neighborhoods that do not usually experience flooding. Scores of residents escaped the floods by climbing onto the roofs of their homes”, Cruz said.

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