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Not the Jim you were referring to but here goes,(running out of cents here) 1st the idea of 12 as an accountability age was strictly rumor,or tradition just the same as the age of 13 when the–BAR-MITZFAH OCCURS FOR A YOUNG MAN. These were early measuring sticks for a boy becoming a man.
The Lord holds the person accountable when he reaches the age that he knows right from wrong. Afew people realize in the jewish tradition the young men actually begins instruction from the age of three. They continue in instruction until about their 30th birthday. That’s why some scholars think that Paul would have had the equivalence of a doctoral status maybe twice over. He had to go through the status in the desert when the Holy Spirit took all the law he had digested and begin to show him how that it was precursor to Jesus–Gal.3–how the Law was the schoolmaster that pointed to Jesus.
You can’t get caught up in then non-issues or sidetracked you must stay with in the realm of Jesus. You must also remember in one form or another the New Testament is literrally the Old Testament revealed. The Old Testament isthe New Testament concealed. People get caught in telling you that Old testament is done away with “not so” just fulfilled in Jesus.
Whenever you read in the old testament look for a revalation of the person of Jesus. remember Jeremiah said that a woman would encompass a man.
Important point –Paul established a principle here –to be saved –You must be able to identify Jesus as Lord (Rom. 10:9-10) because you can only confess that if that is heart knowledge –The mouth is the revealer of the heart..

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