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Diane Barnes

Thank you all for your responses and especially prayer. God is definately doing a work at the mission. The ladies were very glad to see us come in. Alot of times when we arrive,some of the residents will come dragging in late, etc. but when we got there they were ready and waiting. They did not know that we knew anything. We raised the roof praising God.The praise music we took was awesome and they loved it. I have never seen them worship God so freely. We have taught them to do warfare praise. What a breakthrough!!! The Holy Spirit went into that place with us. I was amazed at the teaching God gave us for them. It was about loving your enemies and being a Christian example. It was about submitting to the order of authority who we are placed under. It was about how to respond with our words…and forgiveness to those that treat us despitefully. They received it. The caretakers were there to keep an eye out….need I say more? When we got back outside it was time to unload the trunkload of groceries. The workers wound up carrying it in, but I have seen them have the residents do it. This time they did it themselves. God is dealing with them. I think He will be gracious enough to give them a chance to change and if they don’t, I know God will remove those workers and send in new ones! We have not been released to call in outside forces. The mission is a much needed facility and I know God wishes it to remain open. The enemy would love to see it closed. So it is a fine line to walk. With God’s guidance they will each learn what is appropriate. I am so proud and amazed with God…wow He does not waste one little thing.

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