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I stand with you Diane!!! In the Name of Jesus, This well be solved and God well have ALL things under control!! Lord I come to you asking you first of all for the Life of Diane, and the group. Father I ask you in you Precious and Mighty name for you to lead her and the group, give them Wisdom, strength, courage, confort, guidness, will , faith, and Power to overcome this situation. They are all you children and they need you !! We all need you Lord for with out you we are lost and dead. And I ask for your hand of Mercy, your Hand of Power, Your hand of Protection, to be upon them all. In your precious name we cast away any evil wanting to destroy this, and cast them from there lifes and family. The enemy has no authority in our lifes and surroundings and in you we put our trust that you will do and move and that we well see your Power and glory be moved in this situation… in your Mighty name Amen… Thank You father… we praize you and Honor you for you are good and always faithful… Diane sis… keep up the battle for the battle is just the begining it may seem the enemy is in control but is not… For every battle the Lord wins…. and he is with you and all of yall… and his hand is among you all… keep it up have faith… you got it sis…. just grasp of him…. I Praize the Lord for you, for caring to those in need… God bless tons!!!!

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