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noel hooper

Heavenly Father,

In Jesus name I pray and believe that Satan and his demons have no authority in the Gospel Rescue Mission or anywhere else for that matter. Satan and his demons must bow down to your voice Father and in your presence. I plead the blood of Jesus over this entire situation, and I believe and receive that no evil can ever come near them again, because nothing evil can stand in your holy presence my God. Thank you Lord Jesus for the food you supply, the clothing, a place of shelter and all the necessities at the Gospel Rescue Mission-feeding and clothing those that are in need. And for those like my sister Diane who possess your presence inside of their soul, may they continue helping all our brothers and sisters in your glory of love. May those we all come in contact with always see you when they see us. May the grace of our Lord and Saviour be with you. In the precious holy name of Jesus I pray. Amen Glory to the KING!

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