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Thank youall for praying my wife has left me 2 times sence all this started in July 2005 i never wanted her or asked her to go she just went it was like she was a deferent person i dont mean to get so personal but I We need prayer Iv only been with this one woman ever she was my first girlfriend and last i dont wont her to leave agin but its all i can do some times to be hear for her she has done bad things when she left me that i never have done please pray she does love me and does not want to fell the way she does. When her meds are helping her she is her old self right now we got some new meds for her and is doing better but i dont want and cant live with her is she does the things she did befor i forgave once but i cant live with her if it happens agin i would forgive her but could not stay marred to her Gods will Be Done ,Danny

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